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Ferrocene's Fare for Far-Flung Friends

An experiential miscellany

Dave, a.k.a. ferrocene
11 July 1961
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A boy from rural Texas who followed his muse, ending up in Bastrop, Texas, ferrocene occasionally makes a living as a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, tinkerer and bon vivant. Blessed with an insidious, or is it insatiable, curiosity, a photographic memory for the unimportant, he remains blissfully obtuse to reality.

He, sadly, was born with an over-expressed gene for myostatin, but maintains to this day a deep appreciation for those not so afflicted.

Settled down now in suburbia, growing dahlias and dandelions, he yearns for the days of yore, whether it be punchin’ doggies on the ranch, climbing the high peaks of the Cascade Range, having a few mates over for warm beer and kidney pie, or spending dad’s money on toys.

Some say that he has deluded himself into thinking he's a capable scientist, computer programmer, mathematician and solver of partial differential equations. With an Erdös number of 5, this could hardly be true. It may be dangerous to tell him the truth about this, so if he asks you a question about, oh, let's say "modelling of biphasic flames in subsonic, compressible flows", offer your help, but don't get too deeply involved. He will break your heart. :(

Oh, and another thing: Nobody has ever told him that he shouldn't try to sing, dance, compose music or poetry. While he delights in doing these things, it is best for society-at-large if his feeble attempts at these pursuits remain obscure.

In his defense, he can bake the world's best pecan pie, so all-in-all, it balances out.

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